Hi, I’m Matt.

Welcome to my site Majaba, my personal blog about road cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking and cats. Ok, the cats don’t feature much, but Gizmo and Widget would feel left out otherwise!

My love for outdoor activities was kicked off when I was around 16, a girlfriends family trip to Wales and completing my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award through the Air Cadets got me interested in hiking. A period of being an adult instructor with the cadets then gave me many chances to develop my love for the outdoors, introducing me to expeditions, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking and kayaking amongst many other activities. It was through the cadets that I gained qualifications in some of these areas, but gaining these was really just an extension of my love for doing them. The qualifications included Basic Expedition Leadership, the Climbing Wall Award and the Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme.

The mountain biking also introduced me to road cycling, having been given a road bike a few years ago I really caught the bug (more so than mountain biking it would seem!) and have been in love with riding ever since. I’m an active member of the Yorkies road cycling club in Norwich, commute regularly, ride solo trips further afield and try to spread my riding across disciplines as much as possible. I’m becoming more and more inspired by bikepacking and big adventures, though I’m finding that fitting adventure into my life is requiring me to take the microadventures approach too!

I hope you enjoy what you read on my blog, if you do (or even if you don’t) please get in touch with me via Twitter @matt_brk.

Lastly, on the name, Majaba actually comes from my name: Matt James Bark